Dennis Cooper, 1984

10:19pm 21/03/2014

I’ve not been very loyal to this live blogging mechanism. Here, enjoy this.

11:00am 21/03/2014

The guy who is supposed to sell me cigarettes is ‘busy’ now.

I’m heading to Vancouver most probably to pick up Dennis Cooper books and register a library card.

Cleaned the house, hopefully will spend little to no money beyond the bus today, then at home I’ll go through the next chapter in Textfugu and write something for The Rumpus.

Very jumbled. My neighbour posted on Facebook that ‘Juno beach’ made her cry.

10:12am 21/03/2014

Why is there something in my feed called ‘Fader’ which thinks the new ‘Kim & Kanye’ Vogue cover is ‘OMG’ worthy?

Gym was, well, gym-like. I suppose I should construct a more solid, well rounded workout routine.

I’m going to clean my house now then study Japanese and for my ICBC tests.

8:59am 21/03/2014

ICBC Road Tests now and Kanji Cards written. Cat and Gym.

8:27am 21/03/2014

I fell asleep in my bed after ready Blake Butler’s Nothing around 10:15pm, awoke at four-something, I think I fell asleep again but I’m not sure. Kafka’s diaries this morning were particularly interesting (‘In the wake of the car, with the smell of petrol, a breath of Paris blew across my face.’), my smoothie’s blending lid wouldn’t come off for five minutes and I kinda-sorta had a panic attack, Grimes playing because I’m obsessed and need help, and WaniKani reviews just finished. Time for some new lessons, and I have The Rumpus open with their submission guidelines.

That neighbour cat needs out and I have this gym card which I can use. I also might possibly maybe have a job opportunity at my girlfriends mother’s salon.

9:41pm 20/03/2014

This book, I casually finding myself flipping to then retracting after a minor dose.


Wes Anderson for WSJ Magazine March 2014

9:24pm 20/03/2014

This man makes me feel various conflicting thoughts about the nature of Hollywood and success in filmmaking.

(via frankenfilm)

9:14pm 20/03/2014

Reading anxiety subsides into a sort of resigned passive reading. Depressed, slow, groggy attitude very concerning.

Can I call this night lost? Broken?

Yet opportunity for work is now in front of me, and I have this free time. But I need to use it for self-improvement.

8:52pm 20/03/2014

The room is dark and I am playing with my cat.

8:45pm 20/03/2014

It’s unfortunate I don’t actually like almond milk.

I’m a dangerous WRITER/READER I wrote in a text message. I feel silly.

8:37pm 20/03/2014

Sitting at desk with cold tea after removing pants and applying facial mask prescribed by doctor to help with acne. Gym card obtained. Revealing conversation with mother during night-walk about my seeming ‘lack of appreciation’ and my writing.

Going to make muesli instead of salad.

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